Welcome! Dr. Gurvinder Singh Rekhi! Dr. Rekhi's research interests include: Chemistry Manufacturing Controls (CMC), Technology transfer Regulatory Submissions,  Nanotechnology – absorption of low solubility / permeability drugs, In vitro in vivo correlation (IVIVC), Immediate and controlled-release dosage forms. 


Congratulations to Dr. Michael Bartlett who has been named to Athletic Association Professorship. "The professorship supports the academic mission of the
University and recognizes Bartlett’s outstanding national reputation." Read the full story here.

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PBS Faculty Research has been highlighted in UGA news. For the story, click here.

Dr. Dennis Liotta, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Chemistry  & Director, The Emory Institute of Drug Development at Emory University
is presenting his seminar “Nucleoside Analogs as RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Inhibitors of Single Stranded RNA Viruses” at the 3rd Annual Chu Lectureship on March 19th, 2014


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