PBS Has Winner & Finalist at 2015 STaR Conference


Courtney Daczkowski, 2015 STaR Travel Award Winner.

Dr. Mingming Gao, 2015 STaR Young Invesitgator Award Finalist.

The 2015 Southern Translational Education & Research (STaR) Conference focused on Inflammation in Disease and Health and included state-of-the-art topics in clinical and translational science as well as opportunities for attendees to showcase their research and network to develop regional collaborators. Excellence in clinical and translational science was recognized during the meeting through STaR Graduate Student, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Young Investigator Awards.

Dr. James Franklin Publishes

James Franklin, Associate Professor published, “Bax and caspases regulate production of mitochondrial-derived reactive species in neuronal apoptosis: LACK of A role for depletion of cytochrome c from the mitochondrial electron transport chain” in Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, with Rebecca A. Kirkland.

Dr. Houjian Cai receives US Dept of Defense Grant

Houjian Cai, Assistant Professor, receives $337,500 from the Department of Defense for the project titled, “Dietary Saturated Fatty Acids Promote SRC Kinase-mediated Prostate Tumor Progression.”

Scott Pegan, Associate Professor – Panelist and Grant Receiver

Dr. Scott Pegan selected as panelist at the MDJunior’s First Global Youth Health Summit at Emory University.

Dr. Pegan also received supplemental funding in the amount of $147,725 from the National Institutes of Health for the project titles, “Origin of the Innate Immunity Suppression Caused by Nairovirus’ Protease Activity.”