Graduate Program

graduate programs

Graduate Programs and Objectives

The graduate program in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science provides the academic, research, and administrative resources necessary to meet the program goals:

  • Give students breadth of knowledge in modern pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences disciplines and application to drug discovery and development.
  • Give students depth of knowledge and technical training in their area of study.
  • Develop a strong work ethic and time management skills in graduate students.
  • Train students to conduct research to the highest ethical standards.
  • Teach students to think critically and creatively to solve difficult scientific problems.
  • Teach students to speak and write about their research clearly and convincingly and successfully compete for external research funding.
  • Teach students to critically evaluate their own data and results in the scientific literature.
  • Promote a rigorous academic and research environment in which students will add to the current knowledge in their fields.
  • Train students to be independent scholars who will make original and important contributions to their fields.

Financial Assistance

PBS graduate students may be awarded teaching or research assistantships from various sources. PhD students are typically supported by departmental teaching assistantships, graduate school assistantships, or research assistantships funded by their major professor’s grants. PhD students entering through the ILS program will be funded through ILS in the first semester, and then upon selecting a major professor, students may be supported by a research assistantship or a departmental assistantship. Students are responsible for all relevant fees. MS students are not eligible for departmental teaching assistantships, but may be supported by research assistantships from their major professor. All assistantships, whether from the department, graduate school, or external funding agencies, are accompanied by a tuition waiver and subsidized health insurance.

Departmental Teaching Assistantships.

Departmental teaching assistantships are available to qualified students, and are awarded on a competitive basis. These assistantships may be renewed annually contingent upon satisfactory performance of TA duties, remaining in good standing in the graduate program, satisfactory research and academic progress, and availability of funds.  Teaching assistantship duties are assigned by the Graduate Program Committee and may include teaching, grading, proctoring, or other support services in the classroom and laboratory.  The current departmental stipend is based on up to 16 hours per week of service and on a 12-month appointment. Graduate assistants are required to carry a full course load each semester they are supported and are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. The assistantship may be terminated due to academic probation, failure to make satisfactory progress toward completing degree requirements, failure to satisfactorily perform teaching duties, or termination from the graduate program for any other reason.

University of Georgia Graduate School Financial Assistance.

Competition for University of Georgia Graduate School awards (Graduate School Assistantships, Presidential Fellowships, GRO Assistantships and Dissertation Completion Awards) is administered by The University of Georgia Graduate School. The departmental graduate committee nominates qualified applicants and current students for these awards. Please refer to University of Georgia Graduate School Bulletin for details. Students supported by Graduate School Asssistantships and GRO Assistantships are required to perform departmental teaching assistantship assignments, but Presidential and Dissertation Completion Award Fellows are not required to perform this service.

Research Assistantships.

Faculty with external funding typically support the graduate students in their laboratories with Research Assistantships.  The details of these assistantships vary based on the funding agency. Research assistants are not required to perform teaching assignments in the department. The department also strongly encourages students to apply for external fellowships (e.g. NIH, PHRMA, NSF).  In addition to these sources of full assistantships, many PBS students receive outside funding awards that provide supplements to their stipends or funds for travel and research expenses (e.g., ARCS Foundation, AFPE, Sloan Foundation).

PhD Program

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MS Program

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