Typical Program of Study

undergraduate program

A typical program of study for the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences is listed below. Please see the online UGA Bulletin for current course descriptions. A printable PDF version of the list is available here.

First Year

First Year Fall

  • ENGL 1101–English Comp I–3 credits
  • CHEM 1211–Fresh Chem. I–3 credits
  • CHEM 1211L–Fresh Chem. Lab I–1 credit
  • MATH 2250–Calc. I Sci. Eng.–4 credits
  • Area IV or V Elective– 3 credits
  • FYOS 1001–Freshman Odyssey–1 credit

First Year Spring

  • ENGL 1102–English Comp II–3 credits
  • CHEM 1212–Fresh Chem. II–3 credits
  • CHEM1212L–Fresh Chem. Lab II–1 credit
  • PHYS1211–Intro. Phys. Sci. & Eng.–4 credits
  • COMM 1100–Intro. Pub. Speak–3 credits

Second Year

Second Year Fall

  • CHEM 2211–Mod. Org. Chem I–3 credits
  • CHEM 2211L–Mod. Org. Chem Lab I–1 credit
  • Physical Education Elective–1 credit
  • BIOL 1107–Princ. Biol. I–3 credits
  • BIOL 1107L–Princ. Biol. Lab I–1 credit
  • Area IV or V Elective–3 credits
  • Area IV or V Elective–3 credits

Second Year Spring

  • CHEM 2212–Mod. Org. Chem II–3 credits
  • CHEM 2212L–Mod. Org. Chem Lab II–1 credit
  • STAT 2000–Intro. Stat.–4 credits
  • Area IV or V Elective–3 credits
  • Area IV or V Elective–3 credits
  • Area IV or V Elective–3 credits

Third Year

Third Year Fall

  • BCMB 3100–Intro BCMB–4 credits
  • PMCY 3000–Human Physiology–4 credits
  • MATH 2260–Calc. II Sci. Eng.–4 credits
  • General Elective–3 credits

Third Year Spring

  • PMCY 3200–Pharm. Sci. I–3 credits
  • PMCY 3300L–Pharm. Technology–1 credit
  • PMCY 3500–Pharm. Analysis–3 credits
  • PMCY 3800–Intro. Pharmacology–3 credits
  • PMCY 4300–Medicinal Chemistry–3 credits
  • Major Elective–3 credits

Fourth Year

Fourth Year Fall

  • PMCY 4500–Pharm. Drug Development–4 credits
  • PMCY 4200–Pharm. Sci. II–3 credits
  • PMCY 4960–Pharm. Sci. Res. I–2 credits
  • ENGL 3590–Tech. & Prof. Comm.–3 credits
  • Major Elective–4 credits

Fourth Year Spring

  • PMCY 4510–Advanced Drug Delivery Systems–4 credits
  • PMCY 4970–Pharm. Sci. Res. II–2 credits
  • BCMB 3600–Bioinformatics–3 credits
  • Major Elective–3 credits