Dr. Anthony C. Capomacchia

Associate Professor

Office: Wilson Pharmacy, Rm 233   
Voice: 706-542-5339


Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Pharmacology, University of Florida 1976

B.S. Pharmacy and Chemistry, University of Florida 1973

Research Interests

Dr. Capomacchia’s lab research emphasizes topical formulations for drug delivery. The Capomacchia lab is currently focused on micro and nanosphere development for topical formulations used in transdermal and wound healing products. Bio-adhesive formulations resistant to water penetration that adhere to wet flesh and release medicaments are also being studied for the treatment of marine animals, both warm-and cold-blooded. These are currently used to treat beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium, as well as other animals. Furthermore, wound management formulations for veterinary animal use such as the treatment of burns in dogs and dermatitis in elephants and rhinoceros are also in use and under further development. All formulations under development are candidates for over-the-counter or prescription products.

Grant Support

  • Sloan Foundation

Of Note

  • University of Georgia, Graduate Student Diversity Award, 2011
  • University of Georgia, Office of Institutional Diversity, Embracing Diversity Award, 2009
  • Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, Faculty Diversity Award for Distinguished Service by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 15th Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, 2008

Selected Publications

Bridgette Israel, Solomon T. Garner, Mohan Thakare, Deborah Elder, Trinia Abney, Parastoo. Azadi, J. --Warren. Beach, James C. Price, Hisham Ahmed, and Anthony C Capomacchia, “Transdermal Permeation of N-Acetyl-Glucosamine/NSAID Mutual Prodrugs”, Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, September, 2012; 17 (1): 48-54.

X. Yuan and AC Capomacchia, “Physicochemical Studies of the Binary Eutectic of Ibuprofen and Ketoprofen for Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery”, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy; 36, (10); 1168 - 1176; 2010.

Jarrod W. Collier, Mohan Thakare, Solomon T. Garner, Bridg’ette Israel, Hisham Ahmed, Saundra Granade, Deborah L. Strong, James C. Price, and AC Capomacchia, “Accelerated dissolution testing for controlled release microspheres using the flow-through dissolution apparatus”, Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 14 (1), 9 – 17, 2009.

Solomon Garner, Bridg’ette Johnson-Israel, Trina Abney, Parastoo Azadi, and AC Capomacchia, “Preliminary studies on transdermal permeability of N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG): a glucosamine metabolite, Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 12:169 -174, 2007.

Xudong Yuan and AC Capomacchia, “The Binary Eutectic of NSAIDs and Two Phase Liquid System for Enhanced Membrane Permeation”; Pharmaceutical Development and Techonology, 1:1-10, 2005.

AC Capomacchia, Solomon T. Garner, “Challenges of Recruiting American Minority Students: The Coach Model, Am. Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 68 (4), Article 89, 2004.