Faculty Emeriti

about pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences

In some cases the term is conferred automatically upon all persons who retire at a given rank. In others it remains a mark of distinguished service, awarded to only a few on retirement. It is also used when a person of distinction in a profession retires or hands over the position, enabling his erstwhile rank to be retained in his title.

david chu

David Chu
Distinguished Research Professor, Emeritus

Office: Wilson Pharmacy, Rm 374
Voice: (706) 542-5379

Dr. James V. Bruckner

James V. Bruckner
Professor Emeritus

Office: Wilson Pharmacy, Rm 356
Voice: (706) 542-5405

vasu nair

Vasu Nair
Professor Emeritus
Eminent Scholar
Associate Dean Emeritus

Office: R.C. Wilson Pharmacy
Voice: (706) 542-6293

Rebecca Bunce
Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: rbunce@mail.rx.uga.edu

H. Won Jun
Professor, Emeritus

Email: wjun@rx.uga.edu

James Price
Professor, Emeritus

Email: jprice@rx.uga.edu

Diane K. Hartle
Associate Professor, Emeritus

Email: dhartle@rx.uga.edu