Dr. Rebecca Bunce

Associate Professor Emeritus



Ph.D. Food Science, University of Georgia 1971

M.S. Food Science, University of Georgia 1966

B.S. Food Science, University of Georgia 1964

Research Interests

Dr. Bunce’s research interests afocus on mechanisms of mammary tumor promotion and tumor biology. During her time at UGA, in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Foods and Nutrition and faculty in the College of Pharmacy, she actively looked for support for the development of a Cancer Education Program for professional students in Nutrition, the College of Pharmacy and other allied health professions. Through a collaboration with faculty at the National Cancer Institute, she was able to send a few of her students for graduate training at NCI/NIH.

Selected Publications

T. Buck, A. Hall, C. Sinha, O.R. Bunce and U.P. Thorgeirsson, cis-Hydroxyproline Stimulates the Growth of Rat Mammary Carcinoma Cells, In Vivo, 2000, 14, 7-11.

T.B. Buck, H. Yoshiji, S.R. Harris, O.R. Bunce and U.P. Thorgeirsson, The Effects of Sustained Elevated Levels of Circulating Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases-1 on the Development of Breast Cancer in Mice, Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, 1999, 878, 732-735.

J.L. Hargrove, C.Y. Chung, O.R. Bunce and D.K. Hartle, Diet, Lifestyle and Risk for Colon Cancer: A Probabilistic Model Based on Odds Ratios, In: Health Sciences Simulation, Society for Computer Simulation International, Eds., James G. Anderson and Meyer Katzper, 1999, San Diego, CA, 195-199.

S.R. Harris, A. Brix, J.R. Broderson and O.R. Bunce, Chronic Energy Restriction Versus Energy Cycling and Mammary Tumor Promotion, Proceedings for the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1995, 209, 1-6.