Dr. James V. Bruckner


Office: Wilson Pharmacy, Rm 356   
Voice: 706-542-5405
Dr. James V. Bruckner


Ph.D. Toxicology, University of Michigan 1974

M.S. Toxicology, University of Texas 1971

B.S. Pharmacy, University of Texas 1968

Research Interests

Dr. Bruckner’s main focus of ongoing research is on basic toxicology and pharmacokinetic questions that impact assessments of risks of chemicals to human health. The Bruckner lab is currently focused on volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and pesticides. High lifetime doses of VOCs cause cancer in mice and rats, but it is unclear whether low environmental exposures pose a cancer risk to humans. Animal studies are being conducted to determine the effectiveness of detoxification presystemic elimination and other protective mechanisms against trace-level exposures. Studies are also conducted to learn whether drug-chemical interactions are of consequence under these conditions. Work is underway to develop physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models for predicting risks of pyrethroid pesticides to children’s health. Grants from the EPA, DOE and CDC support these activities.

Grant Support

Pyrethroid Working Group (PWG)

Of Note

Korean Society of Toxicology International Symposium in Seoul, Invited speaker for opening presentation, 2011

Selected Publications

Sethi, P.K., White, C.A., Cummings, B.S., Hines, R.N., Muralidhara, S., and Bruckner, J.V.: Ontogeny of plasma proteins, albumin and binding of diazepam, cyclosporin and deltamethrin. (2016). Pediatr. Res. 79: 409-415. doi: 10.1038/pr.2015.237.

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Sethi, P.K., Muralidhara, S., Bruckner, J.V., and White, C.A. (2014). Measurement of plasma protein and lipoprotein binding of pyrethroids. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol. Methods 70: 106-111.

Zastre, J., Dowd, C., Bruckner, J.V., and Popovici, A. Lack of P-glycoprotein mediated efflux and the potential involvement of an influx transport process contributing to the intestinal uptake of deltamethrin, cis-permethrin, and transpermethrin. (2013). Toxicol. Sci. 136: 284-293.

Bruckner, J.V., Anand, S.S., and Warren, D.A.: Toxic effects of solvents and vapors.  Ch. 24, in Casarette and Doull’s Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons, (Klaassen, C.D., ed.), 8th edition, McGraw-Hill, New York (2013).

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