Kun Qian

Kun Qian


B.S. Chemistry and Biology, Central China Normal University, China 2012

Research Interests

Chromatin remodeling, regulated by histone modifying enzymes such as protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs), is a primary epigenetic event in living cells. PRMTs are the key players in various physiological processes. The abnormality of PRMTs is related to various diseases. Certain PRMTs are found overexpressed in many cancer types. To date, nine mammalian PRMTs are found, however, many of their biological functions are unclear. We are currently working on: 1) designing chemical probes to study the roles of PRMTs in epigenetics and oncology; 2) designing PRMT inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents for cancer treatment.

Of Note

08/2013-present, Graduate Assistantship, University of Georgia

08/2010-05/2011, Coca-Cola Foundation Study in the United States Scholarship, Georgia Southern University


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