Yahya Al Hamhoom

Yahya Al Hamhoom

Major Professor: Dexi Liu

yahya al hamhoom


B.S. Pharmacy, King Khalid University

Research Interests

  • Drug and gene delivery
  • Tumor microenvironment
  • Obesity prevention and treatment

Selected Publications

Zhu, G., Alhamhoom, Y., Cummings, B.S. and Arnold, R.D., Synthesis of lipids for development of multifunctional lipid-based drug-carriers. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2011. 21(21), 6370-6375.

Schnelbacher, R., Hernandez, S., Tuberville, T., Mayer, J., Alhamhoom, Y., and Arnold, R.D., The efficacy of intranasal administration of dexmedetomidine and ketamine to yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta). J Herpetol Med Surg, 2012. 22(3-4), 91-98.

Burton, A.J., Giguere, S., Warner, L., Alhamhoom, Y., and Arnold, R.D., Effect of age on the pharmacokinetics of a single dose of gentamicin sulfate in healthy foals. Equine Vet J, 2013. 45(4), 507-511.