Ph.D. Program Curriculum

1. Two of the following three courses must be completed:

PHRM 8010    Medicinal Chemistry and Structural Biology

PHRM 8020    Molecular Pharmacology of Disease and Therapeutics

PHRM 8030    Molecular Pharmaceutics

4 credits

4 credits

4 credits

2. Current Topics and Scientific Communication:

GRSC 7770    Graduate Teaching Seminar

**PHRM 8200    Departmental and Student Seminars

PHRM 8080    Grant and Manuscript Writing

**Seminars: PHRM 8200 includes weekly departmental seminars and weekly student seminars. PHRM8200 is required each Fall and Spring Semester in the program. Students present a seminar once per year in different formats: journal club, research prospectus, literature review of current topic, research in progress, and exit seminar. Students are also expected to attend special departmental seminars.

1 credit

2 credits ea.

3 credits

3. Electives: Three 8000-level electives (at least 9 credit hours) are chosen by the student, major professor and advisory committee. At least one elective (3 credit hours) must be a PHRM course. Options include (but are not limited to):

PHRM 8010:  Medicinal Chemistry/Structure

PHRM 8020:  Molecular Pharmacology

PHRM 8030:  Molecular Pharmaceutics

PHRM 8600: Drug Targets in Signal Transduction Cascades

PHRM 8260: Pharmacokinetics

PHRM 8270: Contemporary Concepts in Pharmacokinetics

PHRM 8190: Chemotherapy and Cancer

PHRM 8100: Pharmaceutical Analysis I

PHRM 8110: Pharmaceutical Analysis II

PHRM 8120: Mass Spectrometry

PHRM 8940: Organ Systems Toxicology

PHRM 8930: Chemical Toxicology

BCMB 8112: Advanced Gene, Cell, Biochem I

BCMB 8212: Advanced Gene, Cell, Biochem II

CBIO 8100: Advanced Immunology

CBIO 8400: Advanced Cell Biology

GENE 8120: Advanced Topics /Gene Expression

GENE 8920: Nucleic Acids

GENE 8930: Advanced Molecular Genetics

VPHY 8010: Mammalian Cell Physiology

VPHY 8400: Neurophysiology

VPHY 8960: Molecular Toxicology

CHEM8110: Protein Structure-Function

CHEM 8040: Advanced Physical Biochemistry

CHEM 8189: NMR Spectroscopy

CHEM 8310: Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry

CHEM 8320: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

CHEM 8340: Organic Spectroscopic Analysis

4. Additional Language Requirements for International Students:

LLED 7768: Required for TOEFL iBT speaking scores ≤ 22 or IELTS speaking scores <6.5

LLED 7769: Required for TOEFL iBT speaking scores 23-26 or IELTS speaking scores 6.5-7

5. Laboratory Research:

PHRM 9000    Dissertation Research (each semester after 1st semester)

PHRM 9300    Dissertation Writing


3+ credits